about us

WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP DELICATESSEN TO BUY/GET THE LOW DOWN ON AN EVER CHANGING SELECTION OF WINES, CHEESES, CURED MEATS AND PANTRY GOODS. we can supply, curate, advise and direct all our customers to find delicious WINE PAIRINGS and food TO suit ANY taste/palate.

NAMED AFTER EMILYS GREAT GRANDPARENTS and EST. March 2021 in Aberdeen, Scotland by Emily Hailstones and Hayley Fisher.  

Olive Alexanders is mashing an old-SCHOOL deli vibe with your grans kitchen table.



Emily Hailstones, Food

10 years of hospitality under her belt,   Emily has a passion for cheese, cured meat and the best of local produce.

Likes: Lip smacking cheddars, Italian cured meat, vintage wallpaper and plates. 


Dislikes: badly plated food, sitting still, deep fat fryers and non dog lovers.


Hayley Fisher, wine

Hayley does all things arty & design. Also oversees our wine with an on-going WSET (Sommelier) qualification.

Likes: fast food, Red wine & bad films


dislikes: The matrix of society & leaving the house